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Based in the global metropolis of Chicago, Illinois Tech is the only tech-focused university in the city. It stands at the crossroads of exploration and invention, advancing the future of Chicago and the world. Its graduates lead the state and much of the nation in economic prosperity. Its faculty and alumni built the Chicago skyline. And every day in the living lab of the city, Illinois Tech fuels breakthroughs that change lives. What punctuates the Illinois Tech undergraduate experience? Three important things you’ll nd at

Illinois Tech—and no place else:
1. Chicago’s Tech University—Illinois Tech is the only tech-focused university in the Chicago area. From
skyscrapers to startups, Illinois Tech has fueled the city’s rise as a global metropolis.

2. Opportunity and Value—Illinois Tech is an engine of opportunity, providing the best ROI in the state
and among the best in the nation.

3. Active Learning—At Illinois Tech students learn by creating, inventing, and solving—not just in the

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Illinois Institute of Technology
10 W 33rd Street,
Perlstein Hall, Room 101
Chicago, IL, 60616
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